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Why Sell to Us?

Visiting Canada with your home currency on hand? No problem. We can convert 78 currencies to Canadian dollars in four of our locations. Our foreign exchange rates are guaranteed better than other foreign exchange outlets in airports or tourist destinations. Why? We are the foreign exchange business established in the local communities and looking for repeat business, not a one-time deal. Our Toronto downtown PATH location at Richmond-Adelaide Centre is close to Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, Hilton Toronto Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel Toronto and Fairmont Royal York Hotel. Our Winnipeg downtown location is surrounded by the Fairmont Hotel, Radisson Hotel, Delta Hotel, Fort Garry Hotel and Holiday Inn.

Studying in Canada is a long journey and take years to accomplish. A good foreign exchange broker can save you a lot of money during your stay in Canada. Our foreign exchange rates to purchase currency from you can earn you up to 2% more than local banks. Why? Banks have so many locations and their operating costs are much higher. Our Toronto downtown PATH location in Richmond-Adelaide Centre is close to the University of Toronto (UT). The North York Yonge Sheppard Centre branch is close to the University of York (UY). Winnipeg downtown Skywalk branch is close to the University of Winnipeg (UW) and the University of Manitoba (UM) is close by the St.Val Shopping Centre branch in Winnipeg.

Foreign exchange rates go up and down 24/7 and creates many opportunities to invest in Toronto, Winnipeg or North York. Do you take advantage of the weak Canadian dollar or strong US dollar to invest in Canada? Take additional advantage to buy/sell foreign exchange with Currency Mart instead of major banks.

Do you know, in general, Canadian banks make more profit by purchasing foreign currencies from customers than selling foreign currencies to customers? For example, banks make 5% profit by buying foreign currencies from customers, but only 3% profit to sell foreign currencies to customers. Currency Mart's foreign currency buy-in rate is guaranteed better than the major banks. On average, our profit margin is only 1%.

Why Purchase from Us?

Are you travelling to overseas countries? No problem. Currency Mart has 51 foreign currencies in stock daily such as US Dollar, Euros, Japanese Yen and Great Britain Pound and can bring in an additional 20 foreign currencies in 1-3 business days. More than sell foreign currency to you, we take care of your leftover money too. Bring your foreign currency bills back to us within 30 days from the date of purchase, with your receipt, and we will buy back up to 30% of your total purchase at the same rate.

Mexican Peso, East Caribbean Dollar or Costa Rican colón? No problem. We have them all either in stock or 1-3 days notice. Are you thinking about conducting a currency exchange either before your departure or after your arrival? A hassle-free vacation starts from having foreign cash on hand. In general, our currency exchange rates are better than overseas travel destinations or hotel front desks. The same idea as coke is cheaper in supermarkets than in convenient stores.

When you have a bank account in the USA, we can wire transfer US dollars to your account for only $35.00(cad) no matter the wire amount, so no need to bring US cash with you. Savings can be hundreds of dollars per year.

Bringing USD cash for shopping in the US is a far better idea than credit cards. Most credit cards charge a 2.5% convenience fee, which is on top of the currency exchange rates. Besides, you have no idea what rates credit card companies have applied until after the transaction. Our US Dollar exchange rate is about 2% cheaper than major Canadian banks.

Shopping on Amazon US site or paying off your us dollar credit card? Purchasing a US Dollar cheque to pay off your credit card is cheaper than purchasing US Dollars from your bank. Deposit our USD cheque onto your credit card account, up to 2% savings from the currency exchange rate.

Many Canadians think about purchasing/renting a property in the USA, and we can help. By taking up to 2% off from Canadian dollar to US dollar exchange rate compared to major banks, we can help make your dream a reality and the savings can be thousands.