About Currency Mart

Currency exchange Winnipeg market had a new player since 2009, Currency Mart. From an office on Portage Ave. and conduct electrical fund transfer only to a multi locations currency exchange broker maintain 50+ foreign currency cash in stock, Currency Mart aimed the highest standard to provide the convenience and best currency exchange rates possible.

In 2009, Currency Mart registered with Canadian regulatory body, FINTRAC to obtain a money service business license to provide currency exchange service. The service aimed corporate customers only and also limited to electrical fund transfer only.

In 2013, Currency Mart expended a retail branch in Winnipeg downtown Graham Ave. The retail branch maintain foreign currency cash in stock for the convenience of Winnipeggers or customers can preorder foreign currency cash with us and save 2% on currency exchange rates.

2014, Currency Mart started publishing its currency exchange rates on its website. Customers no need to call to inquiry anymore, all information was available on web. The transparency helped Currency Mart to grow and gain the trust of customers.

2016, a new location established in St. Vital Shopping Centre to serve the University of Manitoba area. Longer hours is the highlight for this particular location, especially on Sundays or evenings when banks are closed.

2018, a new currency exchange retail location established in downtown Toronto PATH.

2019, Currency Mart added a new location in North York area of Toronto.